About Us

In April 2009 the owners of Inshriach House, Ord Ban Restaurant and Backwoods Productions decided to have a party. They had a venue and some friends and 6 weeks to convince the cream of Scottish folk and contemporary artists they weren’t joking. They sprinkled in the finest local food, washed it down with tasty ales and called it The Insider. For 2010 the Insider returns with an extra stage, more yurts, more bars, even more of the hottest acts on the scene and thanks to support from the National Park we can keep our capacity to just 500.

We are locally sourced and so is our food, our drink, and most of our bands. Wherever possible our stages and bars are made from recycled materials.

“anarchic, beautiful, otherworldly and above all, really great craic. Leave your woes behind and hit the Insider – you won’t regret it!” - Aidan O’Rourke (Lau)