Sunday, 27 June 2010

The Insider.

It all got a bit busy for posting around Wednesday before the Insider so anyone who has been holding out here for an update should have just come to the festival.

I have put together a flickr group, imaginitively titled Insider 2010, and have put the photos from my phone from throughout the build into it, I'm sure they will get swamped with quality content before long and please add your photos if you know how. The Insider facebook group is also gathering great things.

We would like to give a big thank you to The Leader programme for the help they gave us putting on the Insider, Limelights for lights and sound, No Fuss for the Saddlespan, Red Kite for the Yurts and Grants for the lawn tent. A big burp goes out to Thistly Cross for letting us consume an unfeasible amount of their cider and thanks also to Cairngorm for the tasty ale and The Balvenie for the fine Scotch.

There are a whole load of other people to thank but Ross says it better;

That was mental awesome
Thanking you all....and to name but a few......
Squirell Nutkins for being The Guvna' and Water Bufallo for making sense of it all. Dead Badger for programming the biggest goddamn line-up you've ever scene and makin it happen, Legend! My Love Golden eagle for bustin'out the finest of gourmet pleasure and doin all that you do in sortin it 'all' out for everybody. Dave the Chef and Lucyloo and the Glue for lookin after us all and The Run Around for gettin anythin without question. The French Giant for steppin in and The Girls in The Dog House for keepin us right. Dave The Doo for doin the doo and Jenni Cocktail for temptin us all. Harry The Tweed for dishin it out and Richard The Stag for rockin the yurt. Iceman, Big'n'wee Craig, Jazzy and The Girls for bustin a gut. Andy The Farmer and Donny The Evil Badger for settin the scene.. A Girl Called Gwenni, Agnieska and Nick, Molly Molly and Rufus, Jilly Willy and Sam, Mirra Mirra on the wall, who is the fairest of them all?.. you all are.
That was Awsome, fuckin Awsome!
Whose Tired.... Legend! x
.Nice One Everybody.

Thanks for coming and thank you for leaving the place so tidy, it means a lot to us, see you next year

Walter, Ross, Polly, Gordy and everyone at the Insider xx

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  1. insider is the best festival ever.... long may you reign